Remote Monitoring

Various projects spread over a vast area, such as turnkey projects sometimes find it difficult to monitor and control the activities and assets that are spread out at different locations. With the help of our Remote Monitoring solutions, data about different parameters can be gathered and converted into intelligent reports. With the help of these reports, monitoring the vast project area becomes easier. At the same time, the reports give the analytics that can be used for various business purposes. It also helps the stakeholders to have control over the businesses even when they are not actually at the site location.

Some of the examples where our Remote Monitoring solutions can be helpful:

  • Collect weather related data such as temperature, humidity, etc
  • Warehouses storing temperature sensitive products
  • Greenhouse monitoring
  • Agricultural land statistics such as dryness of land, water levels, etc. can be gathered
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Temperature and air-pressure monitoring of mines