G-Track N' Trace™


G-Track N' Trace™ is a modern hybrid system, which helps you view the status and location of any type of resource from anywhere over the internet. G-Track-N-Trace™ helps you track and local any type of resource (Mobile, Fixed, Staff etc.) which are critical for your business needs.

Based on RFID electronic tags or GPS devices, we collect the information from resources within your business premises or out of the premises. We also provide associated software so you can analyse the data. In addition business rules can be applied within the system, such that if an object passes into or out of a predefined area, this action can trigger other events, processes, e-mail alerts, SMS alerts or notifications to occur automatically.


  • Immediate access to asset location
  • Find mobile equipment quickly
  • Improve utilization
  • Improve management visibility and control
  • Perform real-time stock checks
  • Locate missing stock quickly
  • Comply with process and movement history rules
  • Increase business with improved customer response and availability
  • Locate key workers quickly
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Optimize mobile resources
  • Protect personnel and loan workers
  • Increased accountability and control
  • Reduce costs by allocating idle assets
  • Elimination of high error incidences in book-based tracking
  • Eliminate missed maintenance schedules
  • Account for lost and misplaced equipment
  • Reduce time for physical inventory
  • Rapid payback of system cost
  • Simplify government mandated compliances
  • Fixed assets
  • Mobile assets
  • Track documents
  • Track people


  • Monitor field-force such as service and maintenance personnel
  • Automatic stock-taking of inventory on a regular basis
  • Monitor staff in risk prone, wide spread areas such as mine workers
  • Hospitals where instruments can be mobilized as an when required
  • Continuous monitoring of aircraft engines and collect diagnostic data
  • Bring devices online if they are not already connected
  • Follow government guidelines for energy savings by installing built-in sensors to control street-lights in public areas
  • Track consumption usage and transmit data to billing system for houses where the meters are located inside the house and eliminate the need to get an appointment with the house owners
  • Monitor patients' vital information such as blood pressure, heart rates, pulse rates