G-Cam™ is a product designed to monitor and capture clear images in 7-8 meter radius (with wide angle coverage or say 250 sq. ft. area). Target installation cases are in small shops, garage, kitchen, strong room, front doors, back doors, storehouses etc. G-Cam can be used for any 250 sq. ft. area which needs to be monitored along with real time alerts delivered on user's mobile. G-Cam comes with arming and disarming functionality for deciding the active / inactive period.

G-Cam™ is a remote controlled image-capturing device consisting of infrared lights and high quality camera lenses. This device can capture images based on events and / or pre-programmed remote command and then send it over MMS enabled phone or to an email address.

Device can also trigger buzzer and relays based on the sensor or user inputs. Device also supports a panic alert (button on remote controller) and escalation mechanism.

Device supports multiple types of users for administrating and using i.e. master user, family user and emergency user etc. It also supports ‘dial to device’ function, where master user can make a call to the G-Cam and listen to audio captured, in case of intrusion/suspicious events user can also pull the images from his mobile phone.


  • Continuous monitoring of sensitive area
  • Real time alerts on user's mobile
  • Can be temporarily activated or inactivated
  • High quality camera lenses
  • Pre-programming enabled for sending images over MMS or email for suspicious events
  • Provision of buzzer alarms and escalation mechanism
  • Categorization of users based on their administrative roles


  • Small shop owners can monitor their staff and other people in crowds to prevent any misbehavior
  • Identify if any unauthorized personnel is entering the storehouses
  • Monitor garages for safety when away from home
  • Monitor basements for safety
  • Find out if children are entering the kitchen without parent's approval
  • Identify if any unauthorized personnel is accessing the strong room
  • Get details of visitors at front and back doors and identify any suspicious characters